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Lake Tenkiller Smallie Report

I have been fishing Lake Tenkiller for about 20 years now, and I would like to report the growth of the Smallmouth population. It is BOOMING! Most of the time I am fishing for Largemouth. I still manage to catch 4 or 5 Smallies. Most of the time I have caught some really nice ones in the 2 pound range.

It only started (to me) about a year ago and seems to be getting better and better. I guess the natural progression of the lake would lean more to favoring Smallmouth and Spots with the loss of wood & vegetation in the lake. It’s strange sometimes you will catch them on a piece of structure under a dock in 3 ft. of water, a total surprise when this happens! I have manage to catch some really nice ones & lost some really nice ones that I wished I hadn’t.

I am excited about the progression of the lake. The Largemouth population doesn’t seem to be dropping any either, which is really nice. I practice “Catch Photograph & Release”.

Darris Smith, Fort Smith AR

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the update Darris! We all appreciate you practicing photograph & release – it gives us all a better chance the next time we are there. What have you been catching them on? BTW – Darris has contributed to Hawg Blog before. Take a look at his 5LB Smallie pictured in the May 2006 archives – it’s a nice one!

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