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Wes Watkins Bass Report

Lake of the Arbuckles fishing guide Frank Hanna took the day off on Sunday to take his step-son fishing and reports catching some nice largemouth bass at Lake Wes Watkins. His step-son caught one that was real close to 5lbs and all Frank caught were the little ones. He says that’s ok though, because it was worth every minute watching his step-son smile as he beat him fishing – worth a million dollars! The big bass was caught on a Baby minus-1 fire tiger moving slowly across the moss.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Frank. You may have just inspired a future Bassmaster champion! For those who haven’t fished at Lake Wes Watkins – please note – largemouth bass are catch-n-release only. If you would like to fish with Frank at Lake of the Arbuckles, email him at: basskickinhanna@yahoo.com

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