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Lake Sooner Monster Catfish

Fishing Guide David Clark and his 82 lb monster catfish at Lake Sooner Oklahoma
Professional Fishing Guide David Clark sent in this report from Lake Sooner:

11/27/06 – What a day! After catching 30 to 35 nice Hybrids, this big boy came along. Of course at first I thought I was hung up. The line had slowly tightened, and the boat was moving quite a bit, so I didn’t think much of it. I decided to set the hook. Not much moved. Then it slowly came up a little bit. I still thought I had a log. But then it started to move a little bit faster and away from the boat. That’s when Tony and I both said, “It’s no log!”

About 25 minutes later, with all of the poles that were out now in, this monster cat surfaced. With one swift scoop, Tony attemped to get it in the net, but it was too big! I reached down and kinda stuffed it in. Once we got it in the boat and quit high fiving, we attempted to weigh it. The problem was my scale only goes to 50lbs and it was reading 32lbs (digital).

We just knew it was heavier than that, so we took measurements. And what I now know is this – it was 50 plus 32lbs. After Tony found the formula and we multiplyed it out, this cat weighed 82.68 lbs. After making sure it wasn’t some record we released it for someone else to have the pleasure of High Fiving!!!!!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and picture David. Wow! What a great day at the lake!! Thanks for leaving him there for me to catch too!!! If you would like to go fishing with David, call him at 918-724-6786 or 918-272-4441 or visit his site at: www.FishOnOK.com

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