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Winter Fishing Tips

Aspiring pro Mike Diehl from Lake Tom Steed sends everyone these great winter fishing tips:

I just wanted to let everyone know that even though the weather has been making it almost impossible to get out on the water, it’s a great time to get your fishing gear in order now.

During this last cold spell, I took the opportunity to disassemble all my reels and really clean them up. I have taken all my reels apart and not only cleaned and oiled them but replaced any worn components as well. The drag disk and pinion gears usually take a beating, and also take a good look at the level wind bars and pins that hold the line guide in place.

I thought my equipment was already in good working order but boy I was really shocked at how well the cast and function now that they have been rebuilt. Parts can be found at numerous sights on the net and are really pretty cheap. On average $15.00 a reel for everything I needed to do the job. Also, don’t forget to put new line on now too.

Take a good look at your rods as well. I inspect the eyes of the rods for burs with a Q-tip by rubbing it inside the eye. A bur on the eye will snag the Q-tip, you can smooth them with fine emery cloth.

Last but not least – get the tackle ready, sharpen all your hooks, check swivels & spinners and give them a good cleaning too. I also took this time to pre-rig some of my new Fishbelly lures swim baits just in case the weather clears.

Good fishing! -Mike Diehl

Editor’s Note: Thanks Mike! Excellent winter fishing tips!! While getting your gear in order, you can recall all the great trips from last year & look forward to all the great trips this year…

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