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Free Fishing Days, June 2 – 3

Anglers hoping to introduce someone to the sport of fishing this year have a chance to take them for free June 2-3.

Oklahoma’s Free Fishing Days allow people to fish without state fishing licenses or permits (including trout licenses and fishing and hunting legacy permits).

“These are some of the best days to take a newcomer or youth fishing with you,” said Damon Springer, aquatic education coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. “There’s no state fishing license requirements, so someone who has never been before can just wake up in the morning and head out for a fun day of fishing. And someone from out of state can come enjoy what Oklahoma’s waters have to offer without having to worry about license requirements.”

Fishing in Oklahoma normally requires a license and a fishing and hunting legacy permit, which are purchased from the Department at its offices or various sporting good vendors across the state. Anglers should also note that certain city permits may apply to specific fishing areas.

“License sales are one of the primary sources of funding for the Department,” said Barry Bolton, assistant chief of fisheries for the Wildlife Department. “Sportsmen pay for conservation projects when they buy a license. The Department’s Free Fishing Days can help us introduce new anglers and ensure that great fishing and habitat work will continue for years to come. There’s no excuse not to take someone fishing on June 2 and 3. The weather is great, the fishing is great and, best of all, it’s free.”

Oklahoma was the first state in the nation to offer free fishing days 25 years ago and has since been followed by dozens of other states that have established similar days.

Anglers should be aware of and abide by all Texas fishing license and permit requirements when fishing the Texas portion of Lake Texoma June 2-3. The Texas Free Fishing Day is June 2, so anglers will be able to fish both Texas and Oklahoma portions of the lake for free that day. On June 3, free fishing will only be allowed on the Oklahoma portion of the lake. Anglers must follow all other fishing regulations.

Story courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

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