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Grand Lake Striped Bass Hybrids

The fishing at Grand Lake will be getting even better in the near future now that the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has stocked close to 104,000 striped bass hybrids in the huge eastern Oklahoma reservoir.

“Striped bass hybrids prefer open water habitats, feed in schools and travel long distances following shad, their main staple,” said Jim Burroughs, northeast regions fisheries supervisor for the Wildlife Department. “The forage base is large enough to support the striped bass hybrids as well as other popular sport fish in Grand Lake.”

The hybrids were provided by the Wildlife Department, and Burroughs said it will not be too long before anglers could see these fish in their livewells. “These are fingerlings, meaning they will reach catchable size in about two years,” Burroughs said.

Grand Lake has been stocked in the past with striped bass hybrids – the hatchery-produced cross between the Oklahoma native white bass and the striped bass. This stocking of hybrids is the fifth in the last 10 years.

“We look forward to continued cooperation with the Grand River Dam Authority to improve fishing opportunities at Grand Lake,” Burroughs said.

As a sport fish, hybrids are well-known for their rapid growth and fighting ability and have reached weights of 18-20 pounds in Grand Lake When fishing lakes, productive baits for catching striped bass hybrids include live shad, topwater plugs, slabs, spoons and jigs.

For more information about striped bass hybrids, or for license and fishing regulations, log on to www.wildlifedepartment.com or consult the current “Oklahoma Fishing Guide.”

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