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Tom Steed Report

Drum fishing at Lake Tom Steed.
Aspiring Pro Mike Diehl sends us this fishing report from Lake Tom Steed:

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can’t catch the bass, so it looks like I’m fishing to the beat of a different drummer. Just thought I would send this picture of a nice fat drum that I caught as the water levels were rising. Not a particularly good fish to eat, but coming from 16 feet down, it sure was a good fight.

I had just tied on a new lure (DT 16) and thought I had discovered the next best secret of the day. Oh well, sometimes you have to just sit back and enjoy what nature bring you. What a great sport.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike! I caught a huge drum one time and thought I had the new state record bass before I got it to the boat. Drum are fierce fighters for sure!!

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