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Catfish Tips & Secret Bait

Avid fisherman Jason P. sends us these catfish tips and a secret catfish bait recipe:

For those who like to catfish, after cleaning any fish, take the remaining carcasses and throw them back into the lake or pond in an area that you like to fish often. Without fail, they will attract cats into the area and it is ecologically safe and beneficial for the lake and fish. It’s a natural food source and helps you on your future fishing days to catch some catfish.

On the subject of catfish, I have a secret bait that NEVER fails to bring ‘ol whiskers to the dinner table…ready; Take peanut butter, strawberry soda and fresh shrimp and mix it together, bait your treble bait holder hook, and watch what happens.

Well, good luck to you all. Hope to see you out there catching fish and passing on tips and techniques to the next generation. A day on the lake is a day away from crime. Keep kids involved.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the tips and secret recipe Jason. Now that you’ve given us your recipe, it’s not a secret anymore! Maybe you should start bottling some and make some money in the fishing business!! And Jason is right – TAKE A KID FISHING – OFTEN.

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