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Texoma Winter Stripers

Lake Texoma Striper fishing reportAvid fisherman Jason P. sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

Here is a picture from a striper day out on Lake Texoma in late November. It was a great trip. We were trolling the flats and had four poles out with umbrella rigs. Every time we would roll over a hump or depth change, we had fish on all four poles. No joke at one time, we had 9 fish on at once!

We threw back more than 50, but I wanted to keep the ones pictured so 23 could have a fish fry for some family and friends. So I cleaned all these and we fed 20+ people and still had leftovers. All the fish were healthy and the meat was clean and tasty.

I know a lot of people cut out the red stripe when filleting stripers, but not me. I leave it in and soak them in ice water and vinegar for 24 hours, then rinse clean with cold fresh water and freeze for minimum 48 hours. Then thaw and cook. You’ll never even taste any bitterness. Just a tip passed on to me from a buddy.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the picture and report Jason. What a great trip and thanks for the prep tips!

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