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5 Casts, 5 Bass

I went bass fishing yesterday in East Texas (near Commerce) with a buddy and took my Hookhider rods, Bitin’ Titan spinner baits and River Bottom Lures Possum Craws and had a great day.

When we got there, the wind was very mild, the sky was deep blue without a cloud in the sky, the water was clear and the air was cool. I rigged up the Bitin’ Titan 3/8 oz. white skirt, Colorado blade with gold tape spinner bait on a Hookhider 5’ 6’ Light Spin rod and caught 5 bass on my first 5 casts, each one bigger than the last one!

Then, about an hour later, the wind started roaring up to 30 mph, so I switched over to a 1/2 oz Mojo slip shot with the River Bottom Lures Possum Green Pumpkin Red Craw and a Gamakatsu red hook, 3/0 Offset Shank EWG, and hammered another dozen bass. The Hookhider rods were also key to my catch rate. They are so incredibly sensitive – you can feel every teeny, tiny bump from the fish. I only missed a couple of strikes all day.

My buddy was using his rods and reels and some generic spinners, rooster tails, and other widely available products and wasn’t catching anything. After complaining that he had never been skunked on his lakes before, I gave him some of my extra rods and lures and he finally caught 2 bass towards the end of the day. He is definitely sold on the products and wants to order some rods and lures and get rid of the stuff he currently has. He even liked my Readi-Lure tackle box and the way it kept everything organized and untangled.

My buddy also took some pictures of me with some bass on my cell phone and I wish I could share them with you, but the darn phone won’t download the pics without a stupid subscription fee – d**n Sprint.

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