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Lake Texoma Fishing 6/15

Fishing on Texoma is very good right now. The flood has slowed some action down that should be going on by this time, such as good morning topwater and slabbing. Bait fishing has been real good all over the lake but the shad can and have been hard to come by on many days.

I have been fishing on anchor in water anywhere from 37 feet to 70 feet deep. I have been in the middle to the East part of the lake towards the dam. I have been catching anywhere from 4 cranks off the bottom to fishing them in the deeper water at between 50 & 60 feet deep. I have drifted water on windy days with some wind cover from 14 to 28 feet deep catching larger fish. Have heard reports of fish hitting topwater in the evenings but I am out with customers in the morning times. Smaller fish are on top right now.

As I said, Fishing is real good right now but I am really wanting some lure fishing to start up very soon, as it is past time. Don’t know how often I can post over here but I will try if Doug keeps a reminder on me.

Sterling Smith
Texoma “T” Striper Guide Service

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