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Lead Babies Slab’s wear them out on Tom Steed

Sand bass fishing with Lead Babies Slabs at Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma

Wow, what a day I had Tuesday on Lake Tom Steed fishing for sand bass. All I can say is “Fish On and on and on.!!!!!!” I had started out looking for large mouth but they were not to be found so I decided to try the sand bass and what a blast I had. I simply could not keep up with the fish using the Lead Babies Slabs.

I was using both the 2oz Long minnows and the Rattlin Mary fishing the Long Minnows in deep water where the glow in the dark model simply slayed them in the stained conditions and the Rattlin Mary excelled in the shallows where there wasn’t much room for the bait to fall. The Rattlin Mary works great both deep and shallow but when your fishing in only two to three feet the rattles on this lure brings them running. At times they were hitting this lure so hard it was actually flying out of the water on the up stroke and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Fifty fish later I simply couldn’t fish any more I was just flat out tired. The sand bass were great and ready to fight, and fight they did!

If your looking for a great fight and a great slab to do it with pick up some Lead Babies Slabs from the folks at Alluring Lures and Tackle in Cordell or contact Doug at Oklahomafishingguides.com you wont be disappointed. The three I was using are pictured above. Good fishing, all sand bass were caught and released.

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