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Boat Ramp Etiquette

boat ramp etiquette
Aspiring Pro Mike Diehl
sends us this poignant reminder:

“There is a time and place for everything.”

I don’t know how many times as a child I heard this old saying but boy it sure rings true at the boat ramps. I don’t think I could even count the number of times I have tried to either put my boat in or take my boat out of the water and had to wait up to 25 minutes for someone to quit messing around on the launch ramp.

We are talking about boat ramp etiquette, the often lost art of getting the rig ready before parking the trailer in the middle of the ramp. The simple courtesy to preparing your boat off to the side in the parking lot instead of the middle of the ramp seems to be a thing of the past. This simple courtesy will not only prevent you from making others mad but will insure you yourself are not rushed and forget important things like the old drain plug.

Another problem that is just as bad is pulling your rig three feet from the water line and stopping right there to pack up and go home. If you need to drain the bilge or empty the wells, just simply pull the boat up and out and head for the parking lot.

No one wants to wait in the sun for there turn at the ramp but especially while someone is spending their time on the ramp either prepping there boat or going through all the steps to head home. Not only does this set the mood for a possible confrontation but it’s just plain rude to everyone.

Rest assured at the ramp that we all want the same things, to get the boat wet and the hooks wetter. Lets give each other a break and show each other that the fishermen and boaters are not only the friendliest people on the water but the same goes at the ramp.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the words of wisdom Mike. And how true they are for everybody. Who knew that being considerate of others will get us on and off the water faster too!?!