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Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Lake Sooner Oklahoma fishing report from fishing guide David Clark of Fish On! Guide Service Fishing guide David Clark of Fish On! Guide Service sends us this fishing report from Lake Sooner:

FISH ON!!!! Went out on Saturday and had a good, slow, steady day. We had trouble finding the fish, but when we found them, it was pretty good action.

We found them in a place I had never fished for them before. They were in 56ft of water on the bottom. We caught one and I thought hmm. I anchored up and it stayed just slow and steady the rest of the afternoon. I was surprised the bait was living good at that depth. We were fishing 2 to 4 cranks off of the bottom.

We ended up with 35 Hybrids. Almost all were in the 3lb range with a couple 4’s. Water temperature on the lake is still 50 degress and 64 degrees in the discharge.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and picture Dave. Looks like a great trip was had by all! If you would like to go fishing with Dave, call him at 918-724-6786 or visit his website at www.FishOnOK.com.

Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Lake Sooner Fishing Report
Fishing guide David Clark of Fish On Guide Service sends us this fishing report from Lake Sooner:

FISH ON!!!! As my good friend Tony Hughes would say “We wacked ’em pretty good”. My long time friend Steve White and I finally got to go fishing together again and we ended up doing pretty good. We started out catching some pretty small fish and kept moving around till we found some decent fish. They were really schooled up. We had to stay right on top of them to keep them going.

There was a couple of times when we couldn’t get all of our poles in the water. That would last for a while and then it would slow down as the school moved on. We ended up with somewhere around 40 fish. We just kept enough for a fish fry so we didn’t get a good count. The biggest was 4lbs but most were 3 to 4lbs. Most of the fish were caught in 28 to 32 ft. of water on downlines and the lake water temp was 86deg. Plus it was 104 in the boat, or just plain HOT. ( I saw a dog chasing a rabbit and they were both walking!!)

Sooner Lake Bass Report

Sooner Lake Oklahoma largemouth bassFishing guide David Clark sends us this report and picture from Sooner Lake:

Here is a picture of a big bass caught recently at Lake Sooner. It weighed 7.8lbs. We caught 2 more that morning, one weighed 5.6lbs and the small one weighed 4.3lbs. In addition, we caught about 40 Hybrids and Stripers with the biggest striper being 10.lbs. It was a GOOD morning!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the picture and report David. To say it was a good morning is a bit of an understatement, wouldn’t you say?

Sooner Lake in Bassmaster Magazine

OklahomaFishingGuides.com is referenced in the January 2008 Bassmaster magazine.
I received my January ’08 issue of Bassmaster Magazine yesterday and noticed there was an article about Sooner Lake. Like OklahomaFishingGuides.com, Bassmaster magazine dedicates a page to a lake and writes about the fishing opportunities and other interesting things to do in the area. Much to my surprise, the magazine references our website, specifically the Lake Sooner page!

I would like to thank Bassmaster magazine and Senior Writer Robert Montgomery for mentioning us. Our mission has always been to feature the lakes and rivers of Oklahoma, including fishing and all the other fun things to do while in the area. To be referenced by the granddaddy of all bass magazines is truly an honor. Visit them online at: www.Bassmaster.com

Monster Lake Sooner Striper!

Lake Sooner Oklahoma striper fishing report
Guide David Clark of Fish On! Guide Service sends us this amazing fishing report from Lake Sooner:

FISH ON!!! Well it started off kinda slow, but ended with a very big bang. After weathering a few thunderstorms and a couple of dry spells, we caught the biggest Striper I have ever seen caught out of Lake Sooner.

We caught it and had three more on at the same time. Two of the other three came off. The third one is still hooked and swimming around with a Ugly Stick attached to his behind. The fourth one was this 25lber. He sure did seem on the skinny side. It measured 42 inches long and had a 24 inch girth. I think for the length it should of been around 35lbs. It had a very big head.

We tried to release it but it would not swim off. We first thought he was hung up, but from good experience I know there is nothing there to hang up on (82.68 blue). Then he started taking some drag and the fight was on. It was on a down line so that made it even more fun.

It was the biggest fish my client had ever caught and we were all very proud of him. By the end of the day we had caught 35 Hybrids and a few more small Stripers. The water temperature was 86 degrees and we were in 35ft of water most of the day. Fish ON!!!!

Editor’s Note: What a monster! How much fun!! If you want to go fishing with David, visit his website at: www.FishOnOK.com.

Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Herb Asche, P.C. Team Bass Angler of the Year 2006, sends us this report from Lake Sooner:

Hybrids are really good off of points with top water chug bugs and such. The black bass are fair with buzz baits in the early morning. Switch to Carolina rigs and jigs off of points in the afternoon.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Herb and good luck on the tournament trail this year. Keep us posted on how you are doing!