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Maniac Custom Lures Free Shipping Special

As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Maniac Custom Lures.  They make a superior product, right here in the USA, and the lures work great!  In addition, Maniac Custom Lures sponsors our twice monthly free fishing lures giveaway.

I have posted many big fish photos here on Hawg Blawg of the lunkers I have caught using Maniac Custom Lures from Texas to Canada.

My favorite is the 4″ Salt Stick fished wacky-rig when fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  I’ve also had a lot of success with the new 6″ Maniac Minnow.

During the summer months, Maniac is offer Free Shipping on all internet orders over $15.00.  For free shipping on your orders this summer, enter the code SuMmeR2011.

Lake Tenkiller Smallies

Bass fishing at Lake Tenkiller Oklahoma with fishing guide Rocky Thomas Jr.

For readers of this blog, you know that I always treat myself to a fishing trip for my birthday. And like last year, I went back to Lake Tenkiller for a great smallies trip with fishing guide Rocky Thomas Jr. My fishing buddy Harry joined in and the three of us had a great time out on the lake.

I was armed with my favorite soft bait, the 4″ Maniac Salt Stick, and like last year it delivered once again. There’s nothing like wacky-rigging it and bouncing it along the layered rocky shoals of Tenkiller to get that ferocious strike from a smallmouth bass!

We were also product testing the new 6″ Maniac Minnow which proved to be an awesome bait. The chartreuse model produced the most strikes and fish. The various models of white also did well, but the bass clearly went after the chartreuse more often.

Even though the weather was iffy the whole time, a great day was had by all!!

If you would like to experience smallmouth fishing at it’s finest, I highly recommend a fishing trip with Thomas Guide Service. Rocky will get you on fish!

New Fishing Lures Sponsor

Maniac Custom Lures

Please welcome our newest fishing lure sponsor, Maniac Custom Lures!

I have been personally fishing with Maniac Lures for years and have had tremendous success with the 4″ Salt Sticks on a wacky rig from Texas to Canada. You have no doubt seen some of the pictures of my big catches on this blog.

Maniac Custom Lures makes great soft plastics and continues to innovate and introduce new products to the market. This year brings a new 6″ Maniac Minnow, a larger version of the wildly successful signature 2″ Maniac Minnow.

They also have the new & unique Gizzy Bug, which looks like a baby crayfish and is perfect for trout, crappie, bluegill, perch, and ice fishing.

They also have a fun fishing forum at www.Crazy4Fishn.com.

Lake Elmer Thomas Fishing Report

Lake Elmer Thomas fishing report with Denese Freemen, WBT Co-Angler Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to go fishing on Lake Elmer Thomas with WBT Co-Angler Denese Freeman (who just won a Skeeter boat this April at Lake Lewisville Texas).

Under the watch of Mount Scott & Wichita Mountains, Denese and I headed out on her boat at the crack of dawn. Without a breeze blowing or a cloud in the sky, we had the perfect elements for a great day. The bass were jumping all around us, so we started out with top water buzzbaits but to no avail. We switched over to spinners, but again, no luck.

We then switched over to wacky-rigged Maniac Salt Sticks, 4″ Cinnamon Crawfish color and started hammering them. We caught so many bass, we lost count. Denese took me to her best good luck spot and I promptly landed this 4lber (click picture to enlarge).

If you haven’t fished Lake Elmer Thomas, do yourself a favor and go. Although small, the water is crystal clear and the mountains and wildlife are breathtaking. If you take your boat, please note that the lake is a “no wake” lake.

If you would like to keep up with Denese on the Women’s Bassmaster Tournament Trail, visit her site at www.DeneseFreeman.com.

Editor’s Note: Thanks Denese for all your hospitality and taking me out on your new prize Skeeter “Lizzy”! I look forward to fishing Lake Lawtonka with you next!!