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Red River Fishing Report

Texoma airboat guides on the Red River, Stan and JC of Lake Texoma Guide Service.Last week, I went fishing with Stan and JC of Lake Texoma Guide Service on their new Red River Texoma Airboat. Although I have fished from the banks of the Red River many times behind the Lake Texoma dam, I’ve never been on the water down there. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day in the mid-60s with just a trace of wind.

Stan and JC had about 150 live shad for us to fish with and a little bit of chum to get the bite started. And once those river stripers started biting, it got crazy! No sooner than the bait hit the water, the stripers would hit the bait. We were reeling in fish on every single cast.

Those Red River stripers were so ferocious, we were able re-use the shad, even if it was dead, stunned, or partial – and we would continue to catch fish. In some instances, we were able to catch up to 4 fish on a single shad. Within a few hours and a couple of hundred stripers later, we ran out of shad. Good thing, because we were all completely worn out catching all those fish!!

It was certainly a new experience for me and I’ve been fishing Lake Texoma since 1984. I asked Stan (a 35+ years professional fishing guide) why he liked fishing on the Red River so much:

So if you are looking for some incredibly fast paced striper fishing action, I highly recommend that you call Stan and JC at 1-888-567-FISH or visit their website at www.LakeTexomaGuideService.com.