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Lake Vanderwork Bass

The Fish Grip at work at Lake VanderworkAvid fisherman and aspiring pro Mike G. sends us this report from Lake Vanderwork:

My father and brother in-law came down from California this week and we have been hitting all the local lakes. Fishing has really been slow with the hot water and air temperatures but we managed to catch eight bass today at Lake Vanderwork.

The bite was slow but we did pretty good by looking for bait fish along the banks and casting small cranks toward the schools.

With the fish being a little small to lip and double treble hooks on the baits, it was a great opportunity to put my Fish Grip to work for me. The Fish Grip was perfect for holding the small bass still while removing the hooks and I even managed to go all day without getting stuck by a fin.

P.S. The little one is my beautiful little granddaughter Haylee’s first fish caught will at the local swimming beach.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike and congratulations to Haylee! A budding Women’s Bassmaster Pro!!