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Lake Texoma Topwater Action

Lake of the Arbuckles Fishing Guide Frank Hanna took the weekend off, went fishing at Lake Texoma and sent in this fishing report:

For the last 3 weeks the birds have been all over the lake and the only thing you could catch was small fish. Well the fall blast has just began, at the mouth of Washita Point and Platter Flats the 4 to 6 pounders started surfacing under the birds. There was only one problem – 4 to 6 foot waves; we were soaked to the bone!

Try a rattle traps; blue and chrome, 1/2oz, and hang on! Now is a great time to take someone that has never seen fish feeding on the top.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Frank. Sounds like you had loads of fun. And Frank is right. Hold on to your pole! Those topwater stripers hit so hard they can pull the rod right out of your hand!!

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