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Lake Tenkiller Flathead Catfish

Lake Tenkiller Oklahoma fishing report from Darris Smith
Avid Lake Tenkiller fisherman Darris Smith sent in these pictures and report from his summer spent on his new houseboat:

This is the 14.5lb flathead I caught on a live shad from the back of my houseboat while I was trying to take a nap.

And speaking of naps, my fishin’ buddies soak up that warm sun while out smallie fishing.

Editor’s note: Thanks for the report Darris. Don’t you hate it when a big ol’ catfish wakes you up from a perfect summer’s nap on the boat? 😉

BTW – what are your fishin’ buddies names?

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1 thought on “Lake Tenkiller Flathead Catfish”

  1. My buddies names are Gordon & DuPont (dupie). Then go fishing with me every time, even in the rain & cold. I left them home before, only to have my wife tell me that they drove her crazy all day. So now they go each time as well as my wife!


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