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Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Lake Sooner Oklahoma Fishing Guide David Clark
Lake Sooner Guide David Clark sends in this fishing report:

Great day on Sooner. It started out very fast slowed down and ended better than it started. The wind was blowing about 30mph so we had to anchor. We caught about 30 decent Hybrids and some sand bass before 9:30. Then the wind really started blowing.

Our anchor gave way and we almost ended up in the rocks. We started looking for some more fish but couldn’t find any. So we tried to anchor again, and again the anchor wouldn’t hold. We decided to get out of the wind some and maybe fish for some catfish.

So we started out with cut bait and caught a 6lb hybrid. I stared chumming like crazing and before the afternoon was over we had 20 to 25 very nice hybrids, with about 10 of them being 6 lbs and the rest between 4 an 6 lbs. overall we caught 55 fish. The water temp. was 48 deg. and we were in 20 to 25 ft of water.

FISH ON!!!!!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report David. It’s true – the weather only bothers the fisherman. The fish still have to eat!

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