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Tenkiller Bass Biting

Darris Smith sends us this report from Lake Tenkiller:

The water temp is rising and the bass are too! I went last weekend for a 3 day weekend. Thursday night a front moved in. Pretty much tough fishing on Friday, cold and windy. I did manage to catch a few and this Smallmouth on a clown colored rogue. I had another try to kill it 3 times but missed it. I couldn’t get it to hit at anything else.

Saturday turned off much nicer, still windy and cool, but warming in the afternoon. I caught some real nice large mouth. A few 2 pounders, lots of 13 inchers, and this one in the 5# range.

Sunday was another good day. I had caught at least 15 in the 1 to 2 pound range, mostly on jigs. The spinner bait bite turned on after things started warming up. They seemed to have been on the shallow, wind blown, muddy banks. When they hit, you knew it. It was like it was there only chance for a meal and they were taking it now! They would hit it like a truck rolling down hill the other direction. This one almost took my rod & reel with him!

I’m going again this weekend, well, at least Saturday before the front comes in on Sunday, should make for some great fishing.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Darris! You should go Pro!

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