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Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Lake Sooner Oklahoma Fishing Report by David Clark of Fish On Guide Service Fishing guide David Clark of Fish On! Guide Service sends us this fishing report dated 1/25/09 from Lake Sooner:

FISH ON!!!!! It was a good day of fishing and catching. We started out and it was pretty cold(25degress) but when we got to catching some fish, eveything warmed up. The wind was blowing about 10mph out of the east, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to effect the fishing. After about the first ten minutes that question was answered.

We missed several at first, and then we changed to a small treble hook and then we started geting them in the boat. After about the fourth Hybrid, we caught a 26lb blue. Then it was nothing but Hybrids, a crappie and Striper. When we quit we had 40 fish it the box. We caught most on downlines on live shad, but we did catch a few on cut bait. The water temp. was 44degrees and we were in 35ft of water most of the day. FISH ON!!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and picture Dave. See – the weather only bothers the fisherman. Dress warmly and you can catch fish year round!! If you would like to go fishing with Dave, call him at 918-724-6786 or visit his website at www.FishOnOK.com.

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