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Big Lake Sooner Blue Catfish

Lake Sooner Oklahoma Fishing Guide Big Blue Catfish

Oklahoma Fishing Guide David Clark sent in this report from Lake Sooner:

What a day of fishing and catching. We started out catching Hybrids(wipers) just about as fast as we could keep the poles in the water. Then this BIG BLUE came along. Didn’t quite have the equipment for him but we made it.

After about 3 or 4 big runs and about 30 minutes we got him in the boat. Thought we was going to have to pull anchor, but ended up not having to. I was using 10lb test so I was trying to be real careful.

My scales wouldn’t go that high so I called a good friend and he put a calculator to it. The fish measured 47″ length by 32″ girth. When muptiplyed out that comes to 61 lbs. After we got the Blue in the boat the Hybrid bite slowed down (I figured the high fiven, dancing and hollering might of spooked them) so we moved to another spot and continued on there.

When we left after about 5 hours we figured we caught between 45 to 50 Hybrids. All of the Hybrids were caught on downlines on live shad, most were on the small side. The Blue was caught on live shad on a free line with a 1/4 oz weight, he was on the big side :). The water temp. in the discharge was 54degs.

Editor’s Note: Wow! What a great fish David!! Guess you are going to buy a new scale that goes up to 100?!? If you would like to go fishing with David Clark, contact him at 918-724-6786 or visit his site at www.FishOnOK.com.

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