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New Lake Wister Record Crappie – 4 lbs!!

Lake Wister Oklahoma Record Crappie

When Lake Wister angler Jon Duvall and his cousin Clint decided to take a few youngsters fishing April 17, they ended up catching very few fish, but one reeled in by Duvall was a real whopper by any crappie angler’s standards.

Duvall’s crappie weighed 4.2 lb. and measured 17.75 inches in length, setting a Wister lake record not likely to be surpassed for some time. He caught the slab on a jig in the lower end of the lake.

Up to that point, only one crappie had been caught — one landed by Clint on the first cast of the trip. Though Duvall said that first fish was a nice crappie and the fishing party was excited about a potentially great fishing trip, the fishing did not pick up.

“We fished and fished, but caught nothing,” Duvall said “Finally, right before it started to rain, I caught the biggest crappie we had ever seen.”

Editor’s Note: WOW!! Now that, I think, is the biggest crappie I’ve ever seen!!!

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