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Great Salt Plains & Canton Reports

Great Salt Plains carp are biting
March winner Mark sent us this report from Great Salt Plains Lake & Canton Lake:

I was finally able to get out and try out some of the new lures. I used the Lead Babies Slabs that I won; one was a blue & silver Pee Wee and one was a yellow & black long minnow. I had some success with the Pee Wee at Canton Lake. The white bass are still biting and I caught several in just a couple of hours.

I also got a chance to go to Great Salt Plains Lake, which had a lot of water running through it, hopefully the fishing will get better. To my surprise I caught several carp on both of my Lead Babies Slabs! Even though they are not really desired fish, they were sure fun to catch.

Anyways, thanks a lot, I love this web site and all the lake updates!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mark and congratulations on winning our box full of goodies! We knew the lures would work — just didn’t expect it on carp!!