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New Oklahoma Record Fish

new Oklahoma record fish, a bighead carp, caught on Grand Lake

A new Oklahoma state record fish was caught at Grand Lake recently. The Oklahoma Wildlife Department has been asking skilled anglers to help capture invasive bighead carp from Grand Lake, and many Oklahoma anglers have answered the call. 

Bryan Baker with Spoonbill Wreckers caught a massive 118 pound 3 ounce bighead carp to set the new Oklahoma state record. 

Bighead carp consume large quantities of zooplankton, aquatic insect larvae and adults. Because of their feeding habits, bighead carp are a direct competitor with our native species like paddlefish, and bigmouth buffalo; as well as all larval and juvenile fishes and native mussels. 

The Oklahoma Wildlife Department asks that if you catch this invasive species DO NOT RETURN IT TO THE WATER. Please report any caught bighead carp to the Porter Office at 918-683-1031 or 918-200-4815.