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Lake Sooner Fishing Report

Lake Sooner Fishing Report
Fishing guide David Clark of Fish On Guide Service sends us this fishing report from Lake Sooner:

FISH ON!!!! As my good friend Tony Hughes would say “We wacked ’em pretty good”. My long time friend Steve White and I finally got to go fishing together again and we ended up doing pretty good. We started out catching some pretty small fish and kept moving around till we found some decent fish. They were really schooled up. We had to stay right on top of them to keep them going.

There was a couple of times when we couldn’t get all of our poles in the water. That would last for a while and then it would slow down as the school moved on. We ended up with somewhere around 40 fish. We just kept enough for a fish fry so we didn’t get a good count. The biggest was 4lbs but most were 3 to 4lbs. Most of the fish were caught in 28 to 32 ft. of water on downlines and the lake water temp was 86deg. Plus it was 104 in the boat, or just plain HOT. ( I saw a dog chasing a rabbit and they were both walking!!)

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