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Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

On Sunday, a couple of buddies and I went fishing on Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma side.

The wind was blowing in pretty hard during the lunch hour as the “cold” front was coming through. It made fishing a bit difficult and handling the boat was rough at times.

Most of our normal tactics were not working during the heat of the day, so I decided to take us over to a shoal off a point where I’ve always caught all kinds of fish.

The wind had moved around and was coming out of the east, so we would motor near the shore on one deep side and let the wind push us across the shoal the other side which was also deep.

The fish finder was marking all kinds of fish in both the deep water and across the shoal, but nothing was working until we switched over to slabs. Then the action started!

My buddy Rob caught this nice striper on a slab he bought at Alberta Creek Marina. I caught a HUGE drum, 20 – 25 lbs on a Lead Babies Slab. Rob has the catch on his iPhone as a video, so once he sends it, I link it up to this post.

One more note: remember to put on major sunscreen this 4th of July. We used SPF 30 and it might as well have been SPF 0. We were crispy critters on Monday! Guess it’s time to bump up to SPF 45…

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