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Saugeye on a cloudy day

Friday was cloudy and cool considering the heat we have had had lately so I set out to do some fishing. The bass bite was slow and I had seen a few people through out the week catch a Saugeye or two so I decided to do some trolling. As soon as I had begun trolling I started slamming hybrids and several times I had two rods going at once.

After letting my 6th hybrid go the Saugeye began to strike, and just an hour later I had caught three Saugeye with the nicest one at 24″. I decided I would share the experience with my new fishing partner Keith (The surf rod) Aldridge and gave him a call. No longer than 15 minutes into guiding Keith around the lake he set the hook on the first of Three that he caught in the short time frame he was in the boat not to mention the two other fish that spit the hook right at the boat. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i61/madman_07/saugeye2009013.jpg?t=1249145837


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