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Fall Crappie Fishing Tips & Tricks

While everybody is falling asleep in the deer stand, it’s a great time to take
advantage of cool weather and an excellent time to catch a huge crappie like the ones pictured here, caught just the other day on beautiful Lake Eufaula.

Every fall, crappie begin to gorge on shad to fatten up for the winter  As a angler, take advantage of this seasonal pattern – the fish are biting!

Another factor that 
always insurers a good bite is the significant decrease in lake
traffic after the summer season.  Less boating pressure on the fish and on you. 

And as the water temps begin to cool, slow your presentation down, matching the shad activity level.    

Using these three simple tips, you will catch plenty of crappie this fall.  Now go have fun and enjoy yourself this fall and feel free to join us out on the water!

As always we guarantee “No Fish, No Pay”.

Dusty & Dennis Keener
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Hot Crappie Fishing at Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula Oklahoma fishing guide Dennis Keener sent us this crappie fishing report:

The french word for crappie (SACALICE) or (White perch) are known all across North America for their delicious table fair. And Oklahoma has one of the top rated crappie lakes in the nation here at Lake Eufaula

Listen, if you don’t take advantage of this great opportunity to catch a nice mess of crappie , then you are just missing out on some of Lake Eufaula’s best fishing action of the year.  

We notice when the water temperature reaches 65 degrees, the crappie start moving to the shore to spawn.  We rig a 10 ft. pole with 6 ft of line. tie a 1/8 ounce black and pink jig on the end – and that’s all you need!  Some call this style of fishing doodlesocking, where you just wade along the bank and dip your bait close to a stump, log, rock or  any thing that might cast some shade or hold fish.  

Some prefer a slip cork which can also be a very effective method of pulling in some nice crappie during the spawn.  Set your stopper at about one foot, pitch it down the bank and give it a short pull.  Let it sit and repeat. Keep in mind that while crappie is on their nests, they won’t feed.  The bite you feel is a result of a fish defending it’s nest.  

If you start catching bass on the bank, you know the crappie spawn is almost over. Not all crappie spawn at the same time.  This process can last several weeks depending on the weather and water temperature.

Now is a great time to introduce a friend  to fishing.  Spawning crappie make for some very exciting fishing action. 

Keep your hooks sharp and respect mother nature!

Go fishing with father and son team Dennis and Dusty Keener on beautiful Lake Eufaula.  Book your trip by calling 918-470-7133 or 918-470-642 or by visiting their website at www.dandkguideservice.com.  2

Broken Bow Fishing Report

Lake Broken Bow crappie fishing reportFishing guide Bryce Archey at Lake Broken Bow in Beaver’s Bend State Park sends in this fishing report:

Fishing is AWESOME!!!! White bass, crappie, largemouth and spotted bass are all biting really well right now. We are catching all species in good numbers. An average day is between 40 to 60 fish. I have only a few days left in this month, so if anyone is interested please call for availability.

Editor’s Note:
Looks like a fun trip Bryce! Those look like mighty tasty crappie!! Thanks for sending in the pictures and report. If you would like to go fishing with Bryce, call him at 580-494-6447 or 870-582-4561 or visit his website at

Lake Lawtonka Report

Lake Lawtonka crappie
OKFG subscriber Chris Roebuck sent in this report from Lake Lawtonka:

The weekend crappie are biting on minnows in about 4 to 6 feet of water. Dragging a jig or rooster tail can also spark the bigger blue gills, which are feeding too. Bass are real slow. Dragging plastics at almost a dead stop will get nibbles and bites. Channel cats are biting on stink bait.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report & picture Chris. Looks like you had a tasty fish fry that night!

Tom Steed Crappie Report

Lake Tom Steed crappie caught by Mike Diehl
Aspiring Pro Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

Well, the bite is starting to happen at Tom Steed Lake. Catfish, hybrid, small bass and crappie can all be caught with a little patience and good timing. The cats and hybrid can be found on the flats while the bass and crappie are hiding near the banks and surrounding brush and cover.
I have fished for crappie before in Illinois but for some reason I have had a hard time figuring out Oklahoma-style crappie fishing. So today after landing six bass and one crappie on my Fishbelly Helix Buzz bait, it hit me! These crappie can be just as big and aggressive as bass, so let’s go crappie fishing bassin’ style and try what I know best. I rigged up a small spinner on my bass pole and gave it a shot with good results for a somewhat slow day.
Here are the nicest two of five I brought home – 2.0lb and 1lb 12oz.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike! Nice to know that the Helix Buzz works well on crappie too. I bet those slabs tasted great!!