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Cooler temps bring better fishing.

Hello from Southwest Oklahoma and Lake Tom Steed. It has been a long time since I have been fishing and post a story. The cooler weather sure is nice and I simply couldn’t just sit home anymore.

The water temps were in the low 70s and the bass are moving closer to the top instead of down deep like they do in the summer. I managed to catch eight bass 14″ or better with the largest at 5lb. It was a cloudy day and top water baits worked best casting them over the same areas several times as well as what I call back casting (covering an area and then coming back to it before moving on) 

One of the bass I caught had fishing line hanging from it’s rear, a first for me. The best thing to do for him was to trim the line short and let him go. The largest bass was caught buzzing a top water bait over one of several brush piles now extending from the water.

For my next adventure I plan on getting a GoPro HD video camera and filming video of the bass in action at water level as well as all the other great sights you see while out on the water.

I would like to dedicate this great day out to my fellow fishermen and friend Mike Jackson as well as my son Michael. You will forever be missed.

SW Oklahoma Fishing Report

Future Pro Mike Diehl sent this Oklahoma fishing report from Lake Tom Steed:

The fronts, both warm and cold as well as the high winds have made fishing very selective at best.  

I did manage to get out on the 28th of April and land one nice bass and a sharp looking 23″ Saugeye.  

The water temps are still a bit coll but give it another week of warm weather and look out! bedded bass, hungry Hybrid and saucy Saugeye.

It’s hard to believe the water was this hard just a month and a half ago.

Lake Tom Steed Bass Biting

Future Pro and Avid Bass Fisherman Mike Diehl sends us this fishing report from Lake Tom Steed.

Fishing has been really tough this year and the bite has been very slow, but caught a few nice ones this trip. This bass was caught using a Mann1 shallow crank on a Hookhider rod and 16lb test Stren Magnathin mono line.

Mike dedicates this trip and bass to his son:   

In Memory of Michael
Fantastic Father
Loving Son
A true example of a man at 23

Holiday Hybrids w/ Lead Babies Slabs on Lake Tom Steed

Oklahoma fishing report, Lake Tom Steed, Hybrids on Lead Babies Slabs.

Well I told myself I was going to stay off Lake Tom Steed during the busy Holiday weekend, but I just couldn’t do it.

I tried a little trolling this morning but the fish were small and the bite was a little slow so I found the big ones on my fish finder and started the slabbing.

Caught these nice hybrids on Lead Babies Slabs in 30 feet of water and what a blast I had bringing them to the surface.

I really need to get a net that doesn’t snag the hooks because I spent most of my time just trying to free my slabs from the net after the catch.

One thing that you need to make sure you do is follow the lure down with your line just slightly tensioned so you don’t miss the taps on the fall but when you feel it set the hook hard and Fish ON!!!!

Mike Diehl, futurepromike@gmail.com

Lead Babies Slab’s wear them out on Tom Steed

Sand bass fishing with Lead Babies Slabs at Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma

Wow, what a day I had Tuesday on Lake Tom Steed fishing for sand bass. All I can say is “Fish On and on and on.!!!!!!” I had started out looking for large mouth but they were not to be found so I decided to try the sand bass and what a blast I had. I simply could not keep up with the fish using the Lead Babies Slabs.

I was using both the 2oz Long minnows and the Rattlin Mary fishing the Long Minnows in deep water where the glow in the dark model simply slayed them in the stained conditions and the Rattlin Mary excelled in the shallows where there wasn’t much room for the bait to fall. The Rattlin Mary works great both deep and shallow but when your fishing in only two to three feet the rattles on this lure brings them running. At times they were hitting this lure so hard it was actually flying out of the water on the up stroke and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Fifty fish later I simply couldn’t fish any more I was just flat out tired. The sand bass were great and ready to fight, and fight they did!

If your looking for a great fight and a great slab to do it with pick up some Lead Babies Slabs from the folks at Alluring Lures and Tackle in Cordell or contact Doug at Oklahomafishingguides.com you wont be disappointed. The three I was using are pictured above. Good fishing, all sand bass were caught and released.

Cloudy day Saugeye on Tom Steed

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma fishing report - the saugeye are biting!

I started the day out bass fishing at Lake Tom Steed but the bite was slow. Through out the week I had seen an angler or two pull a Saugeye from the lake so I decided to do some trolling. About an hour and half later I had several hybrids and three nice Saugeye with the largest at 24″.

I decided to share the fun and give my fishing partner Keith (The Surf Rod) Aldridge a call. Keith met me at the ramp and we were off for more. After only 2 hours Keith had manged to pull several more hybrid and three more Saugeye as I guided him around the lake and would have had five total for him self if two of them had not spit the hook right at the boat.

What a great day to fish with the clouds and cooler weather.

Holiday fishing report (Tom Steed)

Since I don’t usually venture out on the lake during busy holidays I thought I would sneak out on Friday for just a short cruise and a few minutes of trolling. Today was my Granddaughters first time on the boat and my Daughter went with us as well. We enjoyed a nice cruise together and then spent 40 minutes trolling through some of my honey holes. All I can say is wow. Within three minutes we had our first hybrid and the kids liked that. For the next 35 minutes we enjoyed the lake and pulled three nice crappie and two more hybrids and then headed in before the boat traffic picked up. Nice crappie can still be caught (See picture) as well as hybrid and catfish are biting. Enjoy the weekend and please be safe. Mike

Lake Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma fishing report crappieFuture pro Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

Well I finally managed to heal up enough to get out on the water again and it sure felt good. The fishing is picking up again at Lake Tom Steed and should improve quickly with good, steady warm weather. Catfish are biting on worms, bass are slow but will improve quickly, saugeye are post spawn and slow, but the big word today is crappie.

Crappie fishermen are hitting the creek and main lake hard and good numbers are being caught. I got tired of the slow bass bite so I decided to show the crappie fishermen what keepers looked like with two nice ones caught one after the other over 1.5lbs.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the pictures and report Mike! I’ll bet they were mighty tasty too. Glad to hear you are finally healed up and back on the water. We’ve missed hearing from you!!

Tom Steed Fishing Report

Fishing guide Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

Well it was a balmy 37 degrees and the water wasn’t much warmer, but I did manage to catch two bass just before dark. The first weighted 3.5lb and was caught fishing a medium size crank bait in fifteen feet of water and the smaller one was caught on a buzz bait right at dark near the bank.

Crappie fishermen were out as well pulling in a few small ones here and there. Fishing should begin to pick up as the weather warms and after we get rid of this constant rise and fall in temperature.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for picture and report Mike. The fish will bite year round – the weather only bothers the fisherman. If you would like to go fishing with Mike, contact him at 580-639-2065 or email him at futurepromike@gmail.com.

Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Fishing Report from Fishing Guide Mike DiehlFishing guide Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

I haven’t been able to fish for weeks, so for Thanksgiving, I spent most of the day on the water. It was one of those days where nothing went right and then everything just goes crazy. The fishing was slow, the fishing line was constantly tangled, my live well pump quit and the other one was leaking.

Then the excitement began and the fish were hitting hard for about an hour. My first and largest caught on a Hookhider Rod and Bomber Lure and the rest caught and lost on a new Foster buzzbait (that I actually named) called the Grim reaper. I landed four bass and the largest was just shy of three pounds.

Then IT happened. I set the hook and brought to the boat the biggest bass I have ever seen in person. This bucket mouth was huge and I mean every bit of ten pounds or better and just as I reached for his lip he was gone with one shake of his huge body.

The rest of the day was spent crying on the front deck of the boat. It was the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled up into one trip.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Mike. Looks like a great day on the lake to me! Of course, we all have that story….it was this big….really….huge…but it got away. If you would like to going fishing with Mike, give him a call at 580-639-2065.