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Holiday Hybrids w/ Lead Babies Slabs on Lake Tom Steed

Oklahoma fishing report, Lake Tom Steed, Hybrids on Lead Babies Slabs.

Well I told myself I was going to stay off Lake Tom Steed during the busy Holiday weekend, but I just couldn’t do it.

I tried a little trolling this morning but the fish were small and the bite was a little slow so I found the big ones on my fish finder and started the slabbing.

Caught these nice hybrids on Lead Babies Slabs in 30 feet of water and what a blast I had bringing them to the surface.

I really need to get a net that doesn’t snag the hooks because I spent most of my time just trying to free my slabs from the net after the catch.

One thing that you need to make sure you do is follow the lure down with your line just slightly tensioned so you don’t miss the taps on the fall but when you feel it set the hook hard and Fish ON!!!!

Mike Diehl, futurepromike@gmail.com

Father’s Day Fishing Report

Father's Day bass fishing report from Lake Tom Steed, submitted by future bass pro Mike Diehl

Future Bass Pro Mike Diehl sends us this Father’s Day fishing report from Lake Tom Steed:

Finally a break in the weather and Father’s Day couldn’t have been better. My son gave me a Father’s Day fishing hat, so off to the lake I went for some practice. I boated three bass with new confidence from my hat and a lot of help from my friends at
www.SeaFoamSales.com. I had a great time! Here is the nicest of the bunch weighing 3lb 14 oz .

I also stopped for a moment to talk fishing with Mike and Caleb Newell of Vernon, Texas. We were chatting it up when their bobber took off under water. The next thing you know they landed this nice crappie that looked to weigh about 1.5 – 2.0lb. Looks like they were having a great Father’s Day as well. Good job guys!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike! Looks like it was a truly great Father’s Day in Oklahoma. I sent my Dad a cool rainbow trout coffee mug that I picked up at Beaver’s Bend Fly Shop.

Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Fishing Report by Mike Diehl
Future Pro Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

With all the crazy weather the bite has been on and off at Tom Steed – but mostly off. The water temps have warmed to high 50’s low 60’s and fishing is picking up a bit.

Crappie are biting on minnows anywhere from just off the bank to around 10 feet. The hybrid are some what scattered, but small schools can be found. The walleye are biting slowly, but can be caught trolling and on jigs and minnows. The largemouth bass should be staging for the spawn, but bass fishing at Steed just hasn’t been the same since we ended the drought last year with all that rain.

I haven’t been out fishing in about two months so I felt fortunate to boat a small largemouth bass and five hybrids.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike! Hang in there on the largemouth bass fishing. According to everything I’ve read and heard, the big rains after the drought will make for good habitat for the bass and fishing should rebound for you shortly. Looking forward to our Lake Altus-Lugert trip this weekend!

Broken Bow High Water Alert

Lake Broken Bow fishing guide Bryce Archey
Lake Broken Bow fishing guide Bryce Archey sends us this report:

Starting today, all boat ramps will be closed on Lake Broken Bow. Due to all the recent heavy rains, the lake’s water level is 18 feet above normal and still rising and all ramps are now under water.

The dam will begin releasing water next week and start getting the lake level back down to fishing levels in the next 7 to 10 days.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Bryce. You be careful out there. To book a Lake Broken Bow fishing trip with Bryce, call him at 580-494-6447 or 870-582-4561 or visit his website at www.BrokenBowLakeGuide.com

Broken Bow Bass Report

Lake Broken Bow Oklahoma fishing guide Bryce Archey.Fishing guide Bryce Archey sends us this report from Lake Broken Bow:

Fishing has been excellent with quality largemouth being caught. The last couple of outings have produced multiple fish weighing over 5lbs apiece. We have also been catching really nice smallmouth bass with the biggest weighing just under 5lbs.

I am now booking for February and beyond for this year. Dates are already going fast in March, April, and May but I am still pretty open in February. Anyone interested in booking a trip with me needs to call ASAP because the dates still open will be gone soon.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the picture and report Bryce…nice bass! Call Bryce at 580-494-6447 or 870-582-4561. Visit his website at www.brokenbowlakeguide.com. BTW – Bryce, are you a proud pappa now???

Sooner Lake in Bassmaster Magazine

OklahomaFishingGuides.com is referenced in the January 2008 Bassmaster magazine.
I received my January ’08 issue of Bassmaster Magazine yesterday and noticed there was an article about Sooner Lake. Like OklahomaFishingGuides.com, Bassmaster magazine dedicates a page to a lake and writes about the fishing opportunities and other interesting things to do in the area. Much to my surprise, the magazine references our website, specifically the Lake Sooner page!

I would like to thank Bassmaster magazine and Senior Writer Robert Montgomery for mentioning us. Our mission has always been to feature the lakes and rivers of Oklahoma, including fishing and all the other fun things to do while in the area. To be referenced by the granddaddy of all bass magazines is truly an honor. Visit them online at: www.Bassmaster.com

Winter Bass at Tom Steed

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Bass Fishing Report by Mike DiehlFuture Pro Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

After a long two months without my boat I finally got to pick it up last week and put all my gear back together. I decided today was the day to put it on the water and check all the systems for proper operation.

Since I was having some serous fishing withdraws I couldn’t help but throw a lure for an hour or two and wouldn’t you know it I got lucky. Water temps were 39 degrees and the fishing was slow but I did manage to catch this nice 4lb 1 oz bass on a Bomber suspending fat free shad. Boy do I feel better now!!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike. I’ll bet you do feel MUCH better now! And as I’ve always said, you can catch fish year round. The weather only bothers the fisherman. Get out there and catch some more!!

Lake Sahoma Bass Report

Lake Sahoma bass report
Avid fisherman Jason Price sends us this report from Lake Sahoma, just southwest of Tulsa:

I caught this bass in early November on an ultralight rod and reel with a 1/0 crappie hook.

I was fishing for crappie at the enclosed dock and landed this guy – nice surprise to nail your line when looking at 1/2 lb crappie all day long!

We weighed him up at the station there right above the dock and he weighed 4lbs. 7 ozs., well on his way to getting to be a big ‘ol fat guy.

The locals say there are bass in Lake Sahoma commonly twice the size he was, so I am looking forward to some decent weather once all this ice and extreme cold goes away to get back there with some of the bass gear and hit some other spots on the lake.

Also there is another small lake directly next to Lake Sahoma, and in November, the Wildlife Department released some odd thousands of trout and catfish into, so if anyone is looking to trout fish, its a great place and perfect time of year to catch them…good luck to all.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Jason! Lots of times the smaller lakes are better trophy bass fisheries due to low fishing pressure and your experience proves it. Also, the Wildlife Department link above goes to the trout stocking schedule around Oklahoma.

Lake Hudson Fishing Report

Avid Angler Terry Evans sends us this report from Lake Hudson:

Spent a couple of days at Hudson and caught more bass than I ever have in a small period of time at the norh end of the lake, in the creeks. Water was fairly murky. I caught 10 largemouth on red worms with glitter. Most were in the 2-3 pound range. Most were 4-8 ft down, suspended on ledges.

At night, I landed 3 good ones on black lizards and lost one that would have topped out from 7-9 lbs, but it rapped itself around a tree branch and snapped the line (one of those ‘the big one that got away’ stories).

That was one of the biggest fish I’ve seen at Hudson. I got to see it before I lost it. It made me sick to my stomach when I lost it. My wife thought I was going to throw my rod in the lake! There’s now a lunker swimming around with a hook and a lizard hanging out its mouth.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Terry. What a great fishing trip! Somebody go catch Terry’s lunker and send in a picture and measurements…

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Report.

Aspiring Pro Mike Diehl and I had the opportunity to fish Lake Texoma last Friday, and believe it or not, it was Mike’s first time on the lake! We had just a few hours and needed to maximize his introduction to the lake. Since I’ve fished Texoma for the last 22 years, I had the opportunity to be the “fishing guide” and showed him a few good spots.

The bass were biting well off the points just southeast of the Alberta Creek railroad bridge. I caught multiple small largemouth bass, while Mike managed to catch a large smallmouth bass. The stripers were also very active on topwater bite between the Alberta Creek railroad bridge and the Roosevelt bridge. The catfish appeared to be hitting multiple jugs near coves.

Mike’s Note: Lake Texoma is huge and it really surprised me as to how big it was in person. If you don’t get that way often, hiring a fishing guide would be a great investment for an action packed day of fishing at all the right spots.

Editor’s Note: Thanks again Mike for taking me out on your boat and allowing me to be a “fishing guide” for the day! I look forward to our next trip together!!