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Bears Glen Cabins – Keystone Lake, OK

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Still looking for something to do on Spring Break?

Bears Glen Cabins is located on Lake Keystone, just west of Tulsa. We have hiking trails to the lake, a paddle boat for your use, outdoor fire pits and full amenities in all of our cabins.

What’s new at Bears Glen Cabins? A boat dock will be added early April 2010 – – just in time for the summer boating and fishing trips.

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Sandra and Trent Schmidt, owners
Bears Glen Cabins
Keystone Lake, OK
918-855-2484 or 918-855-5029

Lake Sahoma Bass Report

Lake Sahoma bass report
Avid fisherman Jason Price sends us this report from Lake Sahoma, just southwest of Tulsa:

I caught this bass in early November on an ultralight rod and reel with a 1/0 crappie hook.

I was fishing for crappie at the enclosed dock and landed this guy – nice surprise to nail your line when looking at 1/2 lb crappie all day long!

We weighed him up at the station there right above the dock and he weighed 4lbs. 7 ozs., well on his way to getting to be a big ‘ol fat guy.

The locals say there are bass in Lake Sahoma commonly twice the size he was, so I am looking forward to some decent weather once all this ice and extreme cold goes away to get back there with some of the bass gear and hit some other spots on the lake.

Also there is another small lake directly next to Lake Sahoma, and in November, the Wildlife Department released some odd thousands of trout and catfish into, so if anyone is looking to trout fish, its a great place and perfect time of year to catch them…good luck to all.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Jason! Lots of times the smaller lakes are better trophy bass fisheries due to low fishing pressure and your experience proves it. Also, the Wildlife Department link above goes to the trout stocking schedule around Oklahoma.

Lake Keystone Report

Avid fisherwoman Bernadette W. sends us this report from Lake Keystone:

Went to Keystone last week – the water was truly high – it was even with the handicap parking sign – that’s usually 30 feet above lake level…camping and playground areas are flooded – the dam release was incredible – looked like a small Niagara Falls – bottom sidewalk near fishing area – well underwater – large tree trunks have smashed the remaining guardrail – saw someone catch a two foot blue catfish; others were using yellow split tails and yanking sand bass as quick as they could cast.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Bernadette! Got some pictures to share with us?