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Tom Steed Fishing Report

Fishing guide Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

Well it was a balmy 37 degrees and the water wasn’t much warmer, but I did manage to catch two bass just before dark. The first weighted 3.5lb and was caught fishing a medium size crank bait in fifteen feet of water and the smaller one was caught on a buzz bait right at dark near the bank.

Crappie fishermen were out as well pulling in a few small ones here and there. Fishing should begin to pick up as the weather warms and after we get rid of this constant rise and fall in temperature.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for picture and report Mike. The fish will bite year round – the weather only bothers the fisherman. If you would like to go fishing with Mike, contact him at 580-639-2065 or email him at futurepromike@gmail.com.

Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Fishing Report from Fishing Guide Mike DiehlFishing guide Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

I haven’t been able to fish for weeks, so for Thanksgiving, I spent most of the day on the water. It was one of those days where nothing went right and then everything just goes crazy. The fishing was slow, the fishing line was constantly tangled, my live well pump quit and the other one was leaking.

Then the excitement began and the fish were hitting hard for about an hour. My first and largest caught on a Hookhider Rod and Bomber Lure and the rest caught and lost on a new Foster buzzbait (that I actually named) called the Grim reaper. I landed four bass and the largest was just shy of three pounds.

Then IT happened. I set the hook and brought to the boat the biggest bass I have ever seen in person. This bucket mouth was huge and I mean every bit of ten pounds or better and just as I reached for his lip he was gone with one shake of his huge body.

The rest of the day was spent crying on the front deck of the boat. It was the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled up into one trip.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Mike. Looks like a great day on the lake to me! Of course, we all have that story….it was this big….really….huge…but it got away. If you would like to going fishing with Mike, give him a call at 580-639-2065.

Mike visits Alluring Lures & Tackle

Fishing guide Mike Diehl visits Alluring Lures and Tackle Company, home of Lead Babies Slabs in Cordell, Oklahoma.Fishing guide Mike Diehl of Lake Tom Steed sends us this “fishing report”:

When was the last time you had a great day out and never even got a line wet? Well for me it was last Friday when I decided to head just a little bit north of Lake Tom Steed to visit the great folks at Alluring Lures & Tackle Company, home of Lead Babies Slabs and numerous other great products (and long time sponsor of www.OklahomaFishingGuides.com).

Not only did I get to visit with a few of the great people and businesses in Cordell Oklahoma, but my trip to Alluring Lures & Tackle was much more than I expected. Owner Dennis Slaughterback (second picture – click pic to enlarge) was in and what a tour I got! Dennis personally helps produce all the great products and he sure does know his stuff. He was absolutely great and gave me the complete tour explaining the production equipment and methods and I must say it was far more involved than I ever imagined.

What I found was simply amazing to this wanna-be pro fishermen. Not only do they make and hand paint each and every Lead Babies Slab and Jig, they also have a fantastic stock of all kinds of soft baits as well, painted right there on site. The colors and variety were fantastic and the attention to quality and detail are top notch. One of the little secrets that I can share is about their jigs; a simple name for a product that I think will catch fish anywhere. A small Lead Babies style .75 oz head is married with a jig tail and weed guarded hook. It looks great and the action has to be enticing to fish of all kinds.

I don’t think I will ever look at another lure the same after my visit and I sure won’t complain so much about the price of any manufacturers’ lures now that I have seen what it takes to produce a quality product and to get them to the stores.

Not only does Alluring Lures & Tackle Company have a great line up of products, they have a great little tackle shop store front that not only sells their products, but much much more. I found just about everything a guy or gal headed to the lake could use or should probably have ready for that great day out on the water. They even sell a little bit of crafts too, including handmade knifes, candles, cook books, pottery and souvenirs.

My wife accompanied me, and I was positive she was not going to be thrilled with more fishing tackle and fishing talk, but she had a great time as well. She was just as intrigued as I was at the manufacturing process and the detail and colors of the products, not to mention the crafts.

Dennis was just great and I sure wish Connie, Dennis’ wife and co-owner was there. Connie was out sick and I certainly wish her well. They have done a fine job with the products and store. I can’t wait to go back again soon to see what they are up to and until then, I will be at Lake Tom Steed bumping some Lead Babies Slabs and casting some really cool jigs hoping for a new personal best.

Mike D, view my fishing pictures

Lake Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed fishing report, fishing at the Great Plains State Park Oklahoma Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go fishing with my friend, future pro, and now Lake Tom Steed fishing guide Mike Diehl on his home lake.

We launched at sunrise at the Great Plains State Park boat ramp with the sun coming up over the Wichita Mountains on a cool, crisp beautiful day. There were a number of fishermen on the lake, some staying at the park, some driving in from Texas and around Oklahoma.

Earlier in the week, I received a new buzzbait (soon to be released to the market) which Mike was very excited about trying. I also wanted him to test drive some Hookhider Rods I brought along too. (BTW – No BS – my catch rate has skyrocketed on Hookhider Rods.)

Mike motored us over to one of his favorite top water spots and immediately hooked up on a nice bass. I have a great picture of it, but cannot post it until the new buzzbait is formally released by the manufacturer.

We also fished with Bitin’ Titan Spinnerbaits, which Mike added a white and red tip worm trailer to, and he caught another nice bass (pictured, click to enlarge). We also had luck with some nice hybrids on a chartruese and black Lead Babies Slabs Ghost Minnow, silver and blue Bill Lewis Rattle Traps and Mr. Wally’s chartreuse and white crankbaits.

If you haven’t been to Lake Tom Steed, I highly recommend it. There are the mountains, the (very nice) state park, hiking, camping, facilities, tackle shop, scenic overlooks, biking, heritage trails, swim beach and more.

Thanks Mike for taking me fishing on a lake you clearly know very, very well. If you would like to go fishing with Mike, call him at 580-639-2065 or email him at futurepromike@gmail.com.