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Tom Steed Fishing Report

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Fishing Report from Fishing Guide Mike DiehlFishing guide Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

I haven’t been able to fish for weeks, so for Thanksgiving, I spent most of the day on the water. It was one of those days where nothing went right and then everything just goes crazy. The fishing was slow, the fishing line was constantly tangled, my live well pump quit and the other one was leaking.

Then the excitement began and the fish were hitting hard for about an hour. My first and largest caught on a Hookhider Rod and Bomber Lure and the rest caught and lost on a new Foster buzzbait (that I actually named) called the Grim reaper. I landed four bass and the largest was just shy of three pounds.

Then IT happened. I set the hook and brought to the boat the biggest bass I have ever seen in person. This bucket mouth was huge and I mean every bit of ten pounds or better and just as I reached for his lip he was gone with one shake of his huge body.

The rest of the day was spent crying on the front deck of the boat. It was the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled up into one trip.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Mike. Looks like a great day on the lake to me! Of course, we all have that story….it was this big….really….huge…but it got away. If you would like to going fishing with Mike, give him a call at 580-639-2065.

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