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Lake Texoma Striper Guide Aaron Sharp

Aaron Sharp, owner of Sharp’s Striper Guide Service, lives on Lake Texoma and fishes year-round.  He offers guided trips on Lake Texoma out of Alberta Creek Resort and Marina for striper, smallmouth bass, and catfish and guides on the Red River for striper.

Aaron is fully insured and licensed to fish in Oklahoma and Texas and guides out of a 27-foot Silver Dollar powered by a 250 horsepower Suzuki motor.

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal. Sharp’s Guide Service can accommodate any size group large or small. There is room for up to 6-8 people with storage for some personal items and larger group trips can be easily accommodated.

Aaron guarantees a full morning or afternoon of fishing with the biggest boxes of fish possible and no racing to the cleaning dock after you catch your limit!  Additional trip packages and special pricing includes:

  • Reduced rates for children 10 and under
  • Jug-line catfish trips
  • Smallmouth Bass/Striper Combo trips
  • Weekday rate specials

Sharp’s Striper Guide Service guarantees that you will catch fish or your next trip is free!

Phone: 580-380-5357

Website:  http://www.sharpstriperguide.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Aaronsharpstriperguide 

Lake Texoma Fall Bass Fishing

Lake Texoma fishing guide

Most people know Lake Texoma as a great striper bass fishing lake, but it also an excellent fishery for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, blue catfish, crappie and sand bass.

Recently, a friend and I went fishing with Ray Farrior, owner of Snowgoose Guide Service.  We did a combo trip – fish for our limit of striper – and then go on the hunt for big largemouth and smallmouth bass.

We had a GREAT trip with Ray, catching lots of stripers by the Roosevelt Bridge.  And I must say, Ray is a professional through and through.  His boat was impeccable; very clean, well organized,  and safety gear readily available on both sides of the boat.  I was very impressed with how he approaches his fishing guide business.

Although the stripers are a bit smaller than usual this year due to the shad die off over the winter, Ray still got us right where we needed to be and the action was excellent.  The trip took a very interesting turn after we limited out on striper and went on the hunt for bass.  My friend hooked into something big and it took awhile to get it in the boat.  Once he got it close to the boat, we all could see that it was a monster largemouth!  He ended up catching the biggest bass of his life – and the biggest bass ever hauled into a boat that I’ve been in – an 8.5 pound HAWG!  It was awesome!!  I was also able to get some video – take a look at it here.

I highly recommend that you book a fishing trip with Ray Farrior on Lake Texoma.  You will have the best trip of your life.  Thank you Ray for an awesome fishing trip!!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Report - the fishing is excellent! Fishing guide Brian Prichard sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

Lake Texoma water temperature is 63° and the elevation is 9’ above normal and the water is stained. The fishing is about as good as it can get right now. Once you find the fish, they are biting like crazy. When I’m on the fish we are catching a limit in about 30 minutes as fast as I can take fish off the hook and re-bait. I’m fishing with bait on anchor in 30-40’ of water. Most have been coming off of the ledges near the river channel. It is best to avoid the muddiest water and fish the stained or clear parts of the lake. A lot of the fish that I have been catching have been smaller and I’ve been moving a lot to find the larger fish but I have managed to find some 20” fish on every trip ranging up to 12lbs. Fish are eating practically everything you throw at them right now. Lures are working as well. We are catching them on topwaters, sassys, and slabs. Some people are using minnows instead of shad and having success. (Click on pictures to view larger images.)

Since we are catching our limits so fast we get to play for the rest of the time out on the water. Depending on what my customers want, I’ll either lure fish, trophy fish, or try to catch some catfish to add to the box. We were lure fishing after a quick limit on Tuesday throwing topwaters when we caught this 7lb black bass. It was the biggest black bass I’ve caught on Texoma in 10 years. He blew up on a big pencil popper near the bank.

My weekends are filling up a month in advance. There are a few slots left on the weekends in May but not many. The weekdays are relatively open so if you can get off during the week, not is the time to come fishing, the fish are going crazy!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Brian. Those are some nice size stripers and the largemouth bass is NICE! If you would like to go fishing with Brian, call him at 903-815-1609 or 903-462-2881 or visit his website at www.stripersinc.com.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma fishing report stripersFishing Guide Brian Prichard sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

Spring fishing has indeed arrived! Lake Texoma water temperature has now climbed into the 60° range and the fishing is just about as good as it gets! I’m just starting to see the 1st stages of the shad spawn which means the first topwater bite of the season has begun and will last for the next 3-4 weeks or so. I’m catching my limit in about an hour right now and catching and releasing until we run out of bait. We brought back 110 fish yesterday with a 2 boat trip and we probably threw back another 50 fish. A 10 year old boy caught 24 fish by himself yesterday.

I’m catching most of my fish on anchor over a ledge in the 30’ range using live bait. The topwater bite is just starting to turn on. Using topwaters along rocky banks in front of the egrets is starting to work and will become red hot, catching a fish on almost every cast, in the next couple of weeks.

This is the end of my grand opening special ($100/person) which last until 4/30, after which, prices will be 125$/person. Book before 4/30 and you will be able to go fishing anytime through out the year for that rate. Since we are catching a limit so fast right now, you will have a few different options to fill the rest of your time. When we near the limit, I can start throwing back fish until we kill enough fish to reach the limit or we run out of bait, we can lure fish, I can go try to find a big fish, or we can try to catch some catfish. You may book your trip online or you can call me at (903)815-1609. Hope to see you soon!

Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Brian Prichard, Stripers Inc. (Click on pictures to view larger images.)

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Brian. Looks like you’ve had some great trips! How big is the striper in the top picture?

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma striper fishing guide Brian Pricard, Lake Texoma Fishing Report
Texoma fishing guide Brian Prichard on Lake Texoma sends us this report:

Due to the cold weather that has been off and on the past couple of weeks, Lake Texoma’s water temperature remains at 58°. The fishing has picked up a bit but it remains hit and miss due to the sporadic weather patterns. We are still catching some big fish here and there but most remain up river spawning at this point. We are catching a lot of smaller fish but if you pick through these small ones then you can keep a limit of good fish. I expect the fishing to explode any time now when the fish get back from spawning as they seem to have been gone for several weeks now. All of this recent rain should help to speed up their return.

Fish have been holding close to the humps and ledges at around 25-35’. Using bait on anchor over structure of this depth seems to be working best. One day the fish will feed better in the morning and the next day the bite will be better in the evening. I’ve tried throwing lures a little with limited success, most all of my fish have been coming off of bait.

I currently have a evening trip for Sat. the 18th and a morning trip on the Sun. the 19th left for this weekend. My weekend trips are filling up fast in May so if you want a weekend you need to book now. There are only 2 weeks left with my grand opening special of $100/person which ends April 30th. Remember you do not have to go fishing before that time, as long as you get your trip booked before then you can reserve that price and go fishing whenever you want within this year. Good Luck and hope to see you soon. Book your trip online at www.stripersinc.com or call 903-815-1609.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma striper fishing guide Brian Pritchard of Stripers, Inc.
Texoma fishing guide Brian Prichard on Lake Texoma sends us this report:

March has been hit and miss, which is normal for March fishing because the striper make their run to go spawn. However, as the water warms up, the fishing is getting better. Lake Texoma water temperature is currently 58° and the striper fishing is good and soon to get better. We have caught our limit the past two trips with some big fish of up to 8lbs mixed in.

It was very windy today but fortunately we were able to get out of the wind and catch a limit of nice fish. The fish have moved shallow and are running from 10-40′ deep. Drifting shallow flats 10-25′ deep with shad or throwing lures is working well. Today we did our best on live bait anchored in 35′ in the back of a cove. It is not yet the fast and furious action of May but it is a steady bite of good fish.

Now is the time to book your trip for the spring. When the fish get back from spawning in a week or two, the fishing is going to get awesome. Spring fishing is incredible fast pace action with never a dull moment and catching 100+ fish is normal for that time. The shad will start spawning on the rocky banks sometime in May and the first topwater bite of the year will kick off.

Take advantage of our grand opening special of $100/person which runs through April 30th. Trips may be scheduled for anytime throughout the year as long as your reservation is made on or before April 30th. Spring trips should be filling up fast so make your reservation as soon as possible to get your desired date. Book your trip online at http://www.stripersinc.com/ or call 903-815-1609.

Your fishing guide, Brian Prichard, www.stripersinc.com

Click on pictures to view larger images.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Brian. Looks like you guys had a great trip! How big is the striper in the top picture?

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma fishing report from Ray Farrior of Snowgoose Guide Service, Lake Texoma fishing guide.Fishing guide Ray Farrior of Snowgoose Guide Service sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

I go out quite a lot on my days off (when I am not guiding for stripers). I hooked this nice smallmouth bass and it weighed in at 6lb. and 6oz. I used live shad with a 7 ft. Bass Pro spinning rod, Abu reel and 8 lb. line drifting across a shoal.

I catch a lot of bass on deep running crank baits Bomber in Christmas tree or Tennessee shad color. Jig and pork trailers, yellow or white jigs with brown or black trailers, small spinner baits with white or yellow skirts with gold blade work well on Texoma too.

So far, I’ve caught several around 4 to 6 lbs. this fall. It sure was fun catching this great fish. Funny after forty years of fishing, I still enjoy it as much as ever.

Editor’s Note: What a great smallie! I bet it fought like the dickens. Thanks for the picture and report Ray. If you would like to go fishing with Ray, call him at 580-924-5238 or 580-916-2814 or visit his website at http://simplynet.net/snowgoose/