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Lake Altus-Lugert Fishing Report

Fishing guide Jim Bevers on Lake Altus-Lugert next to Quartz Mountain State Park sends in this fishing report:

Windy, windy, windy – that has been the story, if you get on a school of fish it`s very difficult to catch more than a couple before the wind makes it almost impossible to position your boat to really put them in the boat, though I.had two customers today that ended up with fourteen keeper sand bass.

Contact Lake Altus-Lugert fishing guide Jim Bevers at 580-301-3879 or email him at jim.bevers@gmail.com

Lake Altus-Lugert Fishing Report

Fishing guide Jim Bevers on Lake Altus-Lugert next to Quartz Mountain State Park sends in this fishing report:

Fishing this morning, one of my clients caught this nice hybrid bass and forty sand bass, three walleye, and five crappie.  Things are picking up when the wind allows you to get on the water!

Contact Lake Altus-Lugert fishing guide Jim Bevers at 580-301-3879 or email him at jim.bevers@gmail.com

Lake Altus/Tom Steed B & B

Deer Ridge Bed and Breakfast in Hobart Oklahoma.  Near lakes Altus-Lugert and Tom Steed.  Serving the best steak you have ever had! Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Southwest Oklahoma and go fishing with fishing guide Mike Diehl at Lake Tom Steed and fishing guide Jim Bevers at Lake Altus-Lugert. While there I stayed at the greatest little B & B this fisherman could ask for – Deer Ridge Bed & Breakfast in a great little town, Hobart, Oklahoma.

Dubbed “A Western Bed & Breakfast”, Deer Ridge is way more than that – by far. Tastefully and artfully decorated by the owners themselves, every detail has been thoughtfully handled. I stayed in the room named “Covered Wagon” which had the most comfortable bed I think I’ve ever slept on. The magazines sprinkled throughout the property are the same ones I subscribe to, helping me feel right at home.

As an added surprise, they convert the first floor of the property into a restaurant on Friday nights and call it “Friday Night Steak Night” featuring the “best steaks you have ever had” – quote from the owner. Well, since my wife and I have had “Friday Night Steak Night” at our home for the last 20 years, plus the claim of the best steaks ever, and being a boy originally from the KC stockyards area, who now lives and eats steaks in Dallas, I had to give it a try.

I started with the cold boiled shrimp cocktail which was so fresh and delicious. The shrimp were huge and the homemade cocktail sauce had the perfect amount of tangy spice to it. Then I had very fresh and tasty salad made with baby spinach, toasted walnuts, feta cheese and dried cranberries topped with a house-made balsamic vinegarette. Then the waitress brought out my perfectly cooked ribeye and sides. The steak was huge, cut like butter, and was, without ANY doubt, the best steak I have ever had – in my life! I asked the owner where she got the beef and she said locally. Next time I’m up there, I’m bringing a cooler to bring some of those steaks home with me.

And if that weren’t enough, they have a dessert called the Chocolate Turtle. Since I’m a chocolate hound, I had to try it, even though I was already stuffed from dinner. It was a warm, slightly gooey, perfect handmade brownie with thick streaks of firm fudge and rich carmel, topped with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream and lightly drizzled with more carmel and dark chocolate. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It was absolutely, without ANY doubt, the best chocolate dessert I have ever had!

By this time, I was so stuffed and satisfied, I had to go out on the front porch and rock in the rocking chair for awhile. Too bad I didn’t bring a cigar and some cognac!

If you find yourself in Southwest Oklahoma or want to get away for a nice weekend, I highly, highly recommend Deer Ridge Bed and Breakfast. You may be thinking, boy, he really liked the place maybe a bit too much – does he really know what he is talking about? Just so you know, I was in the hospitality business for 24 years, including hotels and food & beverage. I know a thing or two about excellent hospitality and Deer Ridge has got it going on.
Click on the following links to view their; brochure or website. You can also give them a call at 580-726-3423. They are located at 129 S. Broadway, Hobart, Oklahoma 73655. Tell them Doug from OklahomaFishingGuides.com sent you!

Lake Altus Lugert Fishing Report

Lake Altus Lugert Oklahoma Fishing Guides Fishing ReportLast Friday, I had the opportunity to go fishing with my friend (and future pro) Mike Diehl at Lake Altus Lugert and with Lake Altus fishing guide Jim Bevers and his dad (bottom picture – click pictures to enlarge).

It was an absolutely beautiful day, with the sun rising over the Wichita Mountains and nothing but blue skies and light winds. We launched from the Hick’s Mountain boat ramp on the southeast end of the lake and met up with Jim, who was already on a honey hole. He recommended bottom-bouncing with slabs, so Mike tied on a chartreuse and black Lead Babies Ghost Minnow Slab and I tied on a light blue and white Hawg Hustler Slab from Klassic Lures.

We immediately started catching fish and lots of them; hybrids, catfish, bass and even a drum. We caught so many, we stopped counting. The fish at Lake Altus Lugert really like those slabs! Later in the morning, we trolled the northern part of the lake and I hooked into a nice walleye; 20.75 inches & 2.5 lbs.

If you haven’t been to Lake Altus Lugert, I highly recommend a trip. Not only is there great fishing, but there’s the beautiful mountains, Quartz Mountain Resort, Nature Park, Nature Center, Cedar Valley Hiking Trail, rock climbing, golf, beaches, swimming, ATV, sand dunes and more. In November, there’s trout fishing in the river below the dam.

To go fishing with Jim Bevers, contact him at 580-301-3879 or email him at jim.bevers@gmail.com.

Lake Altus Fishing Report

Night bass fishing report from Lake Altus-Lugert Oklahoma.
Future Bass Pro Mike Diehl sends us this fishing report from Lake Altus-Lugert:

I decided to try fishing Lake Altus-Lugert again, but this time for some night fishing. The weather was wet, but the worst was behind us, so I headed out at 3:30 PM and scouted out some spots and fished till 12:30 AM.

The bite was slow and off and on at times, but I managed to boat 6 fish with four nice ones. The bass were caught using a black buzz bait and a scum frog. I had several great blow ups and some nice fish that shook the hook.

I’d like to thank Darrel Cook of Cooks go-to tackle storage systems, www.cookstacklesystems.com, for making such a great product. My spinners and buzz baits have never been so handy and well organized, tangle free and easy to get to. Thanks Darrel!

Mike D
Future Bass Pro

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Lake Altus Fishing Report

Oklahoma Lake Altus-Lugert hybrid striped bass fishing report
Lake Altus-Lugert fishing guide Jim Bevers sends in this fishing report:

We have been catching a hundred fish a day, and I know that sounds unbelievable but I`m being honest. Fishing has been fantastic and will probably be good into the first of December. Come down and we`ll go out and get a cooler full!!

Editor’s Note: Hey Jim – thanks for the report and picture! Count me in – I’ll be there the last week of September. If you would like to go fishing with Jim on Lake Altus-Lugert (home of the state record Hybrid Striped Bass), you can call him at 580-301-3879 or 580-846-5616 or email him at jim.bevers@gmail.com

Tom Steed Record Holder Proclamation

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma record bass

With some of the best fishing available in the Southwest portion of the state of Oklahoma, Lake Tom Steed and Lake Altus-Lugert need to be added to the lnew state lake records, and I hope to see it done soon. Although these lakes in no way compare to others in the Northeast and Southeast parts of the state, Lake Altus-Lugert does hold the Oklahoma state record hybrid striped bass.

I have fished both the lakes since my arrival in Oklahoma and can tell you that there are not many days that I don’t see a great fish pulled from the water by someone.

Whether its a 50lb flathead catfish, a 7lb hybrid bass, 2+lb crappie or 6lb saugeye, both these lakes have a great variety of fish to challenge any angler and it’s time we give anglers bragging rights – especially if they don’t have the opportunity to fish the better lakes available in Oklahoma.

Here is my most recent catch just the other day. Lake Tom Steed may be a “mud hole” to some, but it’s home to me and with the ever increasing cost of fuel it’s getting harder and harder for fisherman in the Southwest portion to travel to the best lakes in Oklahoma.

Until these lakes are added, I’m claiming the following records for Lake Tom Steed. Fellow fisherman, feel free to better my marks:

  • Largemouth Bass, 6.14lb
  • Crappie, 2.1lb
  • Saugeye, 6.0lb
  • Smallmouth Bass, 5.0lb
  • Hybrid Striped Bass, 6.0lb? possibly bigger
We will just have to use the honor system for now and keep it between friends. Good fishing, practice catch and release to fish another day.

Mike D

Future Bass Pro

Editor’s Note: Well said Mike! This is the first year of the new lakes records program and it appears to be generating alot of interest. I think we will see the Wildlife Department expand the number of lake next year. Perhaps you should volunteer to be an Official Record Keeper in your area. BTW – are you just eyeballing those weights or do you have a working scale in your boat?

Lake Altus-Lugert Fishing Report

Lake Altus-Lugert fishing report - the bass are biting!
Aspiring pro Mike Diehl sends us this fishing report from Lake Altus-Lugert:

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to try a new lake today and headed out to Lake Altus-Lugert on one of the busiest days of the year. I got a late start and only fished for about an hour after cruising the lake and looking for structure.

I managed to catch a few bass along the rock banks and ledges casting a medium size crank bait (purple & white) both toward the bank and parallel to the bank. The shallow sand banks produced nothing, so you should go deep with cranks or even jigs. The catfish bit as well as hybrids. Stripers seem to be slow, but they can be found in deeper parts of the lake.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the report Mike. Looks like you found a beautiful spot on the lake. Lake Altus-Lugert currently holds the state record for hybrid striped bass.